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Hispanic Engineers and Scientists (SHPE - HES)

Vice President, 2018-2019

Webmaster, 2017-2018

Hispanic Engineers and Scientists of the University of California, Berkeley is an organization meant to be a resource for underrepresented Latinx students in STEM as they navigate their professional/academic endeavors and achieve holistic wellness. They work towards diversifying the STEM workforce and academia through professional development workshops, networking opportunities, and community outreach.

NCWiT Aspirations in Computing

AiC Scholarship Reviewer, 2016-present

AiC Winner - SF Bay Area, 2015

NCWIT Aspirations in Computing (AiC) changes what’s possible for women in technology from K-12 through career by offering the kind of encouragement that combats isolation, enables long-term persistence, opens doors, and changes lives. AiC uses program elements that spark interest in computing (AspireIT); recognizes and celebrates women’s technical aspirations and abilities, as well as the educators who support them (AiC Award Recognitions); and, provides an expansive, supportive network (AiC Community).